What is Pax Bellissima? part 1

Pax Bellissima 1. What is Pax Bellissima? In Latin, pax means “peace” and “bellissima” means beautiful. Pax bellissima means ‘beautiful peace.’ Peace is one of those words that gets easily hijacked or washed… Continue reading

The Necessary Voice: Sarah Kay and the Power of Spoken Word Poetry

Kay sera, sera: What will be, will be. Coincidence that poet Sarah Kay‘s website is named kaysarahsera.com? I think not. But Kay doesn’t let things be. She sees a need and she tries… Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy and Comfortably Smug’s fake Tweets

Because I do not personally have a twitter account, I had to hear about all of these fake tweets from other sources. Sources such as online and from my professor, Paulette Moore. I… Continue reading


The first impression I had of Reddit was, “Wow, I got a lot more hits on my blog post when I posted to Reddit!” Reddit is a form of social media that can… Continue reading

We Are All Harrisonburg

On September 16, 2012, Harrisonburg’s local mosque, had a rally at the Islamic Center of the Shenandoah Valley. The reason for this gathering was because the center was gratified with spray paint.  On… Continue reading

Citizen Journalists

According to Wikipedia, citizen journalists are “based upon public citizens playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.”An example of a citizen journalists who was… Continue reading

Creative Commons

Before this post, I did not have a personal understanding of creative commons. I now know, thanks to their website, that creative commons “helps you share you knowledge and creativity with the world.”… Continue reading

Fair, Creative, and Bold: Ai WeiWei

Many people have the guts to stand up to a local bully, but very few people, if any have the courage to stand up against entire governments. There are people in the history… Continue reading

The Evolution of Twitter

Twitter: along with other very well known social media sites is a world-wide known symbol. What makes a bird so known? It is the fact that there are millions of users. According to… Continue reading

Anonymous: should we fear the unknown?

Activist can get their point across in many ways. Activist like Ai WeiWei may use art to prove their point, Occupy supporters may protest. I learned about activism first hand this summer in… Continue reading

So Exactly What is Citizen Journalism?

No question about it! News forms are beginning to change significantly.  With newspaper purchases declining, and the rise of social networks change doesn’t surprise me. Out of all the new forms of news… Continue reading