Food as Art: Cupcake Edition

     Baking can be seen as both science and art. There are specific “rules” as to what you can put into a batter, the temperature of the oven, and the amount of time it bakes. On the other hand, people often put their own spin on baking with special ingredients, but especially with decorations as you can see below:

Flowered CupcakeRobot CupcakeAcorn CupcakeHeart Cupcake     Baking can create a sense of peace in two ways. For bakers, such as myself, baking is a little way to get a break from the everyday and clear your head. For those who are receiving the baked goods, it’s always comforting to be given something that makes you feel so good inside. And of course, baked goods can solve conflict because, really, who can be mad at you when you give them a cupcake?

     Here’s a picture of some cupcakes that I made and decorated:

Flower Cupcakes