What is Pax Bellissima? part 1

Pax Bellissima

1. What is Pax Bellissima?

In Latin, pax means “peace” and “bellissima” means beautiful. Pax bellissima means ‘beautiful peace.’ Peace is one of those words that gets easily hijacked or washed out. It means something different to each of us. Peace needs an adjective in front of it.

In peacebuilding, we speak of a “just peace.” Religious leaders talk of “God’s peace.” Policymakers refer to “peace through strength.” The Romans called the time after their bloody expansion to create their Empire a time of “Pax Romana.” Peace is a time.

Photo by Emma King

For me, I feel peace when I have my hands wet with clay or dabbled with oil paint. Peace is walking hand in hand with my son or arm in arm with my daughter through a national park taking photographs of trees and landscapes and being mindful of the beauty and smell of hemlock. Peace is reading a poem. Peace is the feeling of a time; a beautiful time.

These times of peace stand in contrast to the times when my heart aches from too much work, friends lost to disease and war, and news of violence and destruction. Sometimes the weight of these problems becomes too great.

-Lisa Schirch


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