Peace in Theater

Snooki, dumpster diving, and marriage. How do these 3 very different things fit together?, you might wonder. The answer is simple: theater. At Eastern Mennonite University, we have Gonzo theater once a month.

Gonzo is independent student theatre at EMU where an inspiration is posted at the beginning of the week, scripts are written by students, handed in, and student directors have only one hour in which to rehearse with their student actors. It goes up that night.

Last night we had the first Gonzo of the year. I’m writing about this because I see peace in Gonzos. Students take a break from studying and come together to watch each other be silly. It’s a great stress reliever. It’s not always silly, though. Sometimes it addresses some really serious issues like suicide, war, peace, and love. That’s the great thing about theater; it can ask important questions and still be entertaining.

So next time you go watch a play or musical, go beyond the entertainment and think about the message it’s trying to convey.

Are there any good plays/musicals that you see peace in?



Part of the crowd at Gonzo sitting on the balcony of the Blackbox theater.
*Photo by Emma King

Randi and Elisha discuss the difficulties of a marriage without honesty
*Photo by Emma King

“Snooki” marries the “Situation”
*Photo by Karla Hovde

Liz and Phil realize their love for each other while dumpster diving
*Photo by Joo-Ah Lee