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I first saw this video over a year ago. A friend had posted it on Facebook and I happened to see it. Since then, I’ve watched it several times. Every time I see it, I am not at peace. This video always makes me want to go out and do something for other people. It makes me unsatisfied with how I treat and think about others.

This is one of the powers of film. It really makes you feel something. It makes you stop and think. It pulls you in and asks you to do something.

Although I usually talk about something that puts me at peace, I think it’s also good to talk about things that stir me. When this happens, I need to ask myself (and I expect the same from you) why I am stirred. What about this video moves me?

Peace usually doesn’t happen by just sitting there (unless you are Ghandi) and it’s good to think of ways to promote peace in a non passive-aggressive way. We need to do something. I think this is one reason this video affects me so much; because it’s asking something of me. It’s calling me to action.