Agent of Transformation: part 1

I am an agent of change.

Being a woman who is so passionate about peacebuilding, that is at least the picture I like to paint of myself. But in the Peacebuilding field, I have learnt that more than resolving conflict, transforming it is the ultimate way to bring about sustainable peace within a region, and along the way, positive and long lasting change.

And it so happens that real transformation starts from within. Real transformation seeks for forgiveness and reconciliation, reconciliation with one’s self. Dr Hizkias Assefa, the Ethiopian mediator would even suggest that there are four dimensions to forgiveness and reconciliation: reconciliation with self, with society, with nature and with God ( Universe).

That process of reconciliation takes multiple roads and many tools can be used among which, the Arts and the Media which can be particularly powerful in the healing process.

by: Wore Ndiaye K.

(Wore Ndiaye K. is a graduate student studying peacebuilding at EMU‘s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. She blogs on her own site, AWINews. She was kind enough to write as a guest blogger for a 4 part blog.)