Bethany’s Top Ten Post Ideas

Seeing as we’re about halfway through the semester, we thought it would be nice to brainstorm a few ideas for future posts. Also, we’d like giving our regular viewers a little sneak peak of what might be coming up next…

  1. Coming up very soon, as you may remember, is Lisa Schirch’s gallery opening “Pax Bellissima.” Before that happens, I’d like to do a video interview with Lisa about how she relates trees and peace.
  2. I would like to add more poetry to the blog since this is such a powerful form art. In particular, I would like to discuss some of the poetry by Rumi. He is an Afghan poet who is renowned for his mystical poetry. His work is very well liked by the Arts and Peacebuilding class, which spurred my interest.
  3. Weaving Life, an Eastern Mennonite University produced documentary, is all about Dan Terry’s work as a peacebuilder in Afghanistan. I plan on discussing this documentary and exploring how Terry’s work, as well as the documentary itself, has caused healing.
  4. Art as expression and art as process is an idea that I first heard about in the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding Arts and Peacebuilding class. It took me a while to catch onto the concept when our teacher Paulettefirst talked about it, so this could be a helpful addition to the content provided here.
  5. In downtown Harrisonburg, VA where EMU is located, there are murals as well as a changing mural which people can write on. I would like to talk about these local pieces and discuss them in a context of art as process vs. art as expression.
  6. One of the things that we wanted to do when we created the blog is recognize student artists. One of my dear friends, Sonja, is aPeacebuilding major and an art minor. She has a strange obsession with trees, but it obviously relates to Lisa’s trees so I think Sonja would be an interesting person to interview.
  7. Ryan, another student on campus, is an excellent pianist despite not being able to read music, and is also adept at almost any other sort of medium that is thrown at him. I intend on making a video montage of him, his music, and his art as a student profile.
  8. Barry Hart is part of the CJP program here on campus. He has expertise on trauma healing through art. We plan on interviewing him about stories he has of how this process works.
  9. Lisa wrote an article early in her career entitled “Strategic Arts-Based Peacebuilding.” It summarizes the very foundational information about this subject. I’ll be sharing this article and discussing how it relates to what we’re talking about.
  10. Finally, I want to look into the Serbian movement “Otpor!” which revolved around a symbol of a fist which symbolized solidarity.