What is Pax Bellissima? part 3: Art as Creation

In peacebuilding, we think about designing and creating communities and countries that work. Peacebuilding is an act of creation. A functioning community is a beautiful thing. Like peacebuilding, art is an act of creation. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of taking a lump of clay and spinning it into a bowl. Or starting with a blank white canvas and covering it with turquise, gold and purple.

Michelangelo’s creation

My work in peacebuilding is subtle and longterm. It is hard to see the impact it makes. My time making art can be more rewarding. Some days I will throw five pots on a wheel and watch all of them collapse. Other days each one grows on the pottery wheel; emerging from a ball of clay into a shape that is still beyond my control but curved, tall, and able to hold something. On these days, I step back and look at my creations and feel a sense of satisfaction. This is peace.

-Lisa Schirch