Arts as a practice of embodiment

Human beings are complex creatures with high levels of unpredictability. We love, we hate, we have sense of aesthetic –varies on different levels. We do have sense of beauty and our perception naturally is, loving and harmonizing. There is interdependency between us and the nature in many ways. We are excellent mirror for reflection of natural beauty. We, from the early stage of our intelligence have reflected our environment through symbolization of our thoughts. We have always reflected our knowledge through difference means of arts. Philosophically we follow certain patterns for transaction of our way of thinking to our descendents and later generations in conjunction with our epistemology of our values.

Darwin was the first who observed art in human biology. People of difference culture, difference race, from difference geographical parts of the world are enjoying acting, painting, dancing and tattooing themselves. This is has been observed in human and in other animals as well as birds that they show certain arts for the attraction of the their opposed sex for their sexual needs. We are biologically artist animal. We do lots of arts without noticing what we are doing. We show art whenever we are happy or feel love. Love is the essence of creation and the key factor for high level of creativity. We also demonstrate art when we are in aggression and striking.

Humans have left the trace of their artistic lives from thousands of years back. All the past civilizations are memories based on the art relicts and art works they did in their culture. Today’s human beings are radically changed the pattern and art to an unimaginable revolutionary happening in embodiment of the phenomenology of art expression as canvas changed to computer and painting changed to poster and digital photos. Graphic design by computer omitted the virtual layers of imagination between human and its thinking and imagination. Computers generated in-depth explorations of art that embodies ways more complex image that the classically painters would have never has thought about it.  Digital art has dominated all aspects of human life and replaced all means of the arts in the last few decades.

Art as symbolism of transferring our thoughts has been a great means of solidarity and chaos in peace and conflict time. Human history is full of wars and peace occasions where art played significant roles in changing the dynamics of wars and peace. Poetry is one of those means that always used in war and peacetime as the means of embodiment of high spirit, solidarity and unification for common interest and values. Ferdowsi is a giant Persian poet whose few versus of poem has changed the outcome of many wars and made victory for failing armies.

I believe the same way Ferdowsi’s few verses of poem brought victory for a failing army, in the similar way, many artists are working to use art as means of bringing peace and embodiment of the suffering that human beings are experiencing in 21 century and pursue to prevail peace on Earth.


By: Farshid Hakimyar