The Emergence of a Deeper Truth: Art as Liberation

In this painting, full of dynamism, we see reflected the emergence of something completely new, it is the emergence of a deeper truth. This piece of art reflects a rebellion to the patriarchal system in which I have been shaped. In that system there is no room for creativity, for exploration. Everything is normative and arranged. You just have to fit into it and to be an efficient member so to perpetuate what is the “only truth.” It is the system that enslaves you and maintains a sense of shame and guilt deep within. These oppressive energies, shame and guilt, are the main tools used by the patriarchal power to keep everyone frozen deep within. Patriarchy fears being challenged. Patriarchy is by itself the fruit of imbalance, of unhealthy abuse of power and the energy that destroys because is not grounded to the “Original Source” (the Divine). Patriarchy lives in a tremendous illusion, out of reality.

But now, the big dilemma is how to deconstruct this giant wound that still shapes so many spheres of the planet. What can we do to solve this painful situation? How to get rid of what paralyses us? What is really disturbing is that this very energy is not “out there,” still impregnates our bones and blood on different degrees. We breathe it. It has penetrated into us like by osmosis from our early childhood. It is very much present at the subconscious level. This makes it very difficult to handle. This patriarchal consciousness believes only in surface reality. It is the “soul-less” world, the gravest of all illness. (S. Gablik, 44)

We are encouraged to give chance to other models of reality. To have a new vision outside of the ego’s control, a vision rooted in the soul (S. Gablik, 44). It is in this context that art becomes a very meaningful tool for liberation. Yes, because through art we express what is within us. It is an act of humility. Art, exercised in truth, is being vulnerable. You unveil yourself. You show what you carry deep within. You show your own journey. You share without shame who you are. It is through art that you re-create yourself literally. Art is a spoken word that comes to the open without control. Art disturbs, provokes. Art disarticulates the internalized inner oppressor (our egoic mind). Art is an x-ray of your soul. Art takes us into another realm of existence; into the realm of the mysterious; into “Dreamtime” where we have access to archetypal memory (S. Gablik, 43). It is a ritual that signifies that “something more is going on than meets the eye – something sacred” (S. Gablik, 42).

The sacred is Lisa’s halo signifying a special spirit. It is from this realm of the sacred that our world-view changes. “What if everything and everyone we saw wore a halo. Would this change how we relate? What if when we look at the world, we use a peacebuilding approach of appreciative inquiry – looking for the local capacities for peace, the good that exists, the strengths and the beauty? We are a criticizing and competitive culture. Peacebuilding requires a culture of creation, not criticism. Peacebuilding requires us to be artists deaf to the Censor who tells us our dreams are too big or who belittles our capacities to foster change” (Lisa Schirch, Pax Bellissima).

The most amazing thing in art is that in your deepest awareness you recognized being just and instrument; you felt lived; you are re-created by the Universal Artist. Now, everything becomes One, everything is an evolving piece of art, the whole universe is self-organizing itself into the overall holographic halo. The artist is just a living witness of this “process bellissima.” S/he is just a living channel of an endless deeper truth that expresses itself in always increasing complexity, from the infinite reservoir of energy that emerges from eternal nothingness.

Yago Abeledo




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