10 Blog Post Ideas


1. Artist Profiles

This involves people around in our community to be interactive with our blog and allows them to share their artwork publicly.

2. Top 10 list

Lists are a great idea to be quick and concise with information, but still very informative, especially in a blog format.

3. How to…

Teaching others how to do things can a good way to interact people on a blog. Step by step processes are easy to follow and hold the readers attention.

4. Reviews

Reviewing something like an art show, a song, or anything that could relate to art and peace for this specific topic could be very effective and give your opinion so others would have the chance to know a little more about whatever interests you.

5. Photographs

Photography is a wonderful way to portray artwork. It is engaging and beautiful while sending off a message at the same time.

6. Current Events

There is so much going on around the world that we are much of the time oblivious to. Taking a few moments to reflect on our realm outside of Harrisonburg can be helpful and mind opening.

7. Polls/Surveys

Taking samples from people in the community whether it’s through social media or word of mouth is an interesting way to collect data because it gives statistics from a large group.

8. Analysis

Analyzing pieces of literary work such as quotes or movies or whatever it may be, helps one delve into material on a deeper level.

9. Q&A

Poll Daddy can help with this. Asking questions for viewers of the blog allows the to be interactive through the website along posting comments

10. Guest Posts

Pax Bellissima does have guest posts on the blog site often. We go to the CJP class and in return from time to time, and in return, the CJP students interact with our blog.