Pax Sticker Quest

We are  happy to say that we recently created some stickers for our blog!

We love stickers, so we were really pumped to make some. Emma designed it, Bethany made it graphic, and George got them printed. We all love art here and stickers are one form of art that is accessible, cheap, and mobile. Pass out some stickers and you never know where they’ll end up or what kind of advertising you will get from them.

Ushahidi PaxBellissima Sticker Quest

We were introduced to the website Ushahidi last week. Using this crowdmapping technology, we posted our new and beautiful stickers around the Court Square area of downtown Harrisonburg. You can find the stickers on Ushahidi or feel free to walk around downtown looking for them. We posted 9 stickers in various locations. Happy hunting!

-Emma, Bethany, George, Malika