10 Signs You’re a Peace Builder

1)    Friendliness


Do most people consider you to be a nice person? Are you the type of person that will give before you take? Chances are you may be a good candidate for a peace builder. Nelson Mandela still lives near the village that he grew up in.


2)    Unbiased

Are you open minded? Are you very slow to take sides? Good! Peace builders are the same way. They always get both sides of every story.








3)    Observant









Peace builders are very observant when it comes to the world around them, and the people in it. They tend to be fully present in conversations, and they keep track of the news and events around them.


4) Leadership









Do you find yourself always “stepping up to the plate”?

5)    Empathy










Do you identify with people’s feelings well? Are you slow to talk and fast to listen? Are you able to put yourself in other people’s shoes?  Peace builders are all able to do the same things.

6)    Gratitude








Peace builders appreciate the smallest things in life. They value each day, and live life with humility. They give thanks for people’s time, and efforts out of pure appreciation.

7)    Patience












Nelson Mandela stayed in prison for 27 years because he was fighting for what was right. He didn’t give up when the apartheid took his freedom. Nelson fought for what he thought was right until the battle was won. He was very patient.

8)    Consistency  









Is giving up hard for you? Are you able to endure hardships to get to a goal? Great! Peace builders have the trait of consistency. Rain or shine, the parade must go on.

9)    Trustworthiness








Trustworthiness involves more than just keeping a secret. When Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement, his followers trusted that he could end discrimination in America.

10) Bravery









Peace builders go on despite fear or danger for peace. Rosa Parks wasn’t fearless when she refused to give up her seat to a white man, but she knew that something had to change. Her brave actions sparked one of the biggest movements for peace in history.