Careers Creating Peace through Art







Are you the type of person that likes to run your own agenda? Would you rather work on your own time then answer to a boss? Well being an Entrepreneur may be the perfect fit for you. Creating art through peace can be done in several entrepreneurial ways. Whether it be an after school arts program in a gang infested neighborhood, or a blog like us! The sky is the limit.

Film Maker





They say a picture says a thousand words, but a video just never stops talking. Film Makers have the ability to create art with any type of meaning, but creating peace with film is even cooler because there are so many options. Consider documentary film-makers, they can change millions of views on one issue by simply documenting a story, and putting it together in a truthful creative way through film. When the documentary Invisible Children was released, an entire movement was sparked against child soldiers in Uganda.








Why save that beautiful voice just for the shower? Musicians have a powerful influence on mankind. Songs like “We Are the World” generated millions of dollars to help fight hunger in Africa. It doesn’t have to stop with Michael and company. Who said you couldn’t create the next “We Are the World” or a similar project? Something as small as a benefit concert in your neighborhood could make a difference.




Realize Step-By-Step Success… The Consummate Way™






Writers have a lot of options to explore different careers. A good writer can run a professional blog, write a book, start a magazine, or even a newspaper. Whatever the writing profession may be, writers all have the ability to create peace. So get on your computer and start typing! Oh, and if you’re a little old fashion, a piece of paper and pencil will do just fine.

Theater Director

Theater Director




Last year in DC I saw a play called Ruined. Ruined was a play about the roles women played in the Congo Civil War. Before seeing this play I knew nothing about the Congo Civil War or its victims. Seeing the play made me not only want to know more about the civil war, but also I was motivated to make sure something like the civil war would never happen again. Will you write the next Ruined?