George’s Post Ideas

1)    Pax Bellissima’s top 5 Arts and Peacebuilding blogs- Write about why these blogs are so great.

2)     Artist/Peace builder of the week

3)      Average Joe City, State Research- Pax Bellissima goes to different cities and documents people’s different views on Peace and Art.

4)    Poll Daddy- A series of post with questions on serious issues

5)    Current Affairs- Things like conferences, current issues in the news, etc

6)    Competitions- Social Media competitions like “First 35 followers will receive stickers only Friday”

7)    Book Reviews

8)    Creative How to post

9)    Today in Peace and Art

10) What we learned from “Social Movements involving Peace and Art”

11) Tip of the week from Pax Bellissima: For those Creating Peace through Art

12) Info-graphic- provocative info-graphics that reference current events

13) Interviews with Peace builders who use art to build peace

14) 15 day challenge- For 15 days create peace through Art in some way. Document the 15 day process for members of Pax Bellissima

15) Guest Post

16) Poetry

17) 10 signs you’re an Artist and Peacebuilder

18) Pax Bellissima Peace builder Commandments

19) Pros and Cons Post

20) Top 10 Young Artist/Peace builders