IMAGINE PEACE is an art display in Times Square, NYC, which presents images of the words “Imagine Peace” into 24 world languages on digital screens. The Art Production Fund, in collaboration with John Lennon’s former wife Yoko Ono, brought the project to Time Square. Ono started IMAGINE PEACE as a worldwide initiative of anti-violence. The project is being featured on over fifteen gigantic screens in Times Square. What makes IMAGINE PEACE unique from other billboards is that it will be featured nightly from 11:57 to midnight.

IMAGINE PEACE will play each day of December until the ball drops in Times  Square. Ironically, John Lennon’s song Imagine will play just before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s. One may ask, how can three minutes form any type of peace in New York? In response Ono would say, “Every day for three minutes we will think of world peace together.” Check out the photos below.


Art Production Fund in Times Square