Ten Thousand Ripples Chicago

What if the next time you went to take a walk around your neighborhood you noticed an abundance of Buddha heads in the most random places? Well if you moved to Chicago right about now, that “what if” would be a reality.  Recently, A project called Ten Thousand Ripples has launched in Chicago that uses Buddha sculptures as a universal icon for peace to invite people to create peace within their own communities and lives.  These Buddha sculptures are nearly three feet tall, and can be found in some of Chicago’s most Gang infested neighborhoods.

Ten Thousand Ripples

These sculptures are designed by, Artist and Peace Activist, Indira Johnson.  As of right now there are over 100 sculptures throughout the city, but Ten Thousand Ripples has plans to expand. As a response to the placement of these sculptures, the surrounding communities will plan 3 to 4 months of artistic programming. The sculptures are made up of rubber and fiberglass, and are mounted in the ground with concrete. Learn more about the project here.