Hacktivism Anonymous

“Greetings [insert people being hacked] we are Anonymous. We are a force to be reckoned with. Anonymous has a goal that needs to be achieved. Nothing will stop us from achieving this certain goal. We will go after anyone that we feel needs to be taught a lesson.” Imagine someone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and speaking with a voice disguised by a synthesizer.  Sounds like it’s from a movie, right? Well, this is real life and their name is “Anonymous.”

Anonymous members appearing in public.

Anonymous members appearing in public.

Anonymous is a “hacktivist group” with no leader. It is an online community acting anonymously in a coordinated manner toward a self-agreed goal. They are strongly opposed to Internet censorship and led an online attack against SOPA within a day of protests. They have fought against many different issues such as the Church of Scientology removing footage of Tom Cruise, Internet pedophilia, and Internet blackouts in Syria.

Anonymous says they are fighting “for the people.” Usually their efforts are helpful and aimed towards freedom, but I find it frightening how much damage they could potentially do. They have been called Internet terrorists, and while I can see the potential for that I don’t think they should be labeled that…yet.

I’ve seen and read enough science fiction, dystopian, and totalitarian books and movies to be paranoid about giving too much control to the government, but being 100% free to do whatever we want all the time is a naïve notion. While human beings have a great potential for good, we also have a great potential for evil. No one wants to be told what to do, but without rules, we would simply create chaos.

We need someone to challenge the way things are now and then and call people out when they’re being selfish, and that is what Anonymous is doing. As long as they keep fighting “for the people” and not for Anonymous, they are fulfilling their goal. Once they deviate from that path, they will lose the right to “help” people.