Pax Bellissima’s 15-day challenge

We have a challenge for you! For the next 15 days we are challenging you to create peace in someone’s life other than yourself. Here is my example guide to help get you started. When we bring peace to others, we bring peace to ourselves!


Day 1: Make a Christmas Card: All you need is a piece of construction paper, a couple makers, and a little love!


Day 2: Smile: Your smile alone could bring peace to everyone around you. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine. Smile!Cheeeeeese J


Day 3: Call a friend you haven’t talked to in ages: Let that friend know you still think of them, and you hope life is just as amazing as they are.


Day 4: Give a plant to someone: Plants are a form of life, and life itself can bring life to someone else’s life. Try giving a plant to someone on this day. Plants are very cheap, and come in all kinds of varieties.  


Day 5: Visit an assistant living home: People who are often in an assistant living home are very lonely, and they just want to know someone cares. You care right? Give it a try


Day 6: Feed the Homeless: Tis’ is the season to be jolly, why not? Feeding the homeless can bring a great joy to you, and the appetites of the homeless! J


Day 7: Donate clothes to the Goodwill: Why throw away that old hoodie? Someone less fortunate then you may need it.


Day 8: Write a letter to yourself about where you see yourself in five years. Five years from now open it.


Day 9: Anonymous Santa: Pick a person you know or don’t know, and simply get a gift for them. The catch is you can’t tell them its from you.


Day 10: Volunteer at a Community Center: Community Centers always have people to help. This is a day that you go to your local community center in simply say “what can I do to help”? People in the community center from all ages will appreciate it!


Day 11: Hold the door for at least 20 people: Is chivalry still alive? Well on this day it is! Show your manners and make someone’s day by holding the door for them when they enter or exit a place.


Day 12: Gratitude: This is a day where you let people in your life know how thankful you are for what they do. It could be a door greeter at Wal-Mart or an employee at Chipotle. A simple “thank you, your doing a great job” could really make someone’s day!  


Day 13: 100 positive tweets: If you have a twitter, pick a day to tweet nothing but positive tweets. Get the positive energy flowing!


Day 14: Chore takeover: This is a day you pick to do the chores of someone else for a day. Whether a college roommate or an older neighbor, the decision is up to you.


Day 15: Share my 15 day challenge: Share your 15-day challenge using social networks to motivate your friends and loved ones to create their own 15-day challenge!