Ai Weiwei’s Art as Healing

Ai Weiwei     Ai Weiwei, an activist in China analyzed a couple of situations where the idea is so foreign to our society here in America that it is difficult to relate to personally. However, there are bits and pieces that are relatable to the everyday person such as the unidentified children after the earthquake and the artwork they worked on to make a political statement. This preview of Ai Weiwei’s documentary allows us to explore the situation.

Relating to the anonymous children is a sad situation to put yourself in. Imagining what it must have been like for the parents and for the families allows you to dive into another whole level. The first time I watched this video, It took me a second to comprehend everything. The idea that China would have a situation like this baffles me. I think that Ai Weiwei has a right to do what he is doing because he allows change to be made.


Putting myself in the second situation is actually inspiring. Making a use and a statement out of all of the pieces of metal was a clever way to incorporate art in a peaceful way. In class, we discussed how we thought the iron could symbolize the earthquake. It was destroyed, then reshaped, and then used in a beautiful way. This is how the people of China took charge of the earthquake. Instead of letting it control them, they controlled the earthquake. They performed this idea of “Pax Bellissima.” They used this project as a form of healing for them.