Senior Show

The Senior Art Show by Cody Troyer, Shandell Taylor, and Joaquin Sosa on Saturday, December 21, 2012 had an excellent turnout. The atmosphere of the place was lively and the artists were present and eager to answer questions from anyone and everyone. Though I did not get to personally talk about the exhibits with the artist’s themselves, I did talk to other people who attended to get their points of views as well as my own.

Cody’s exhibit included long exposure photography using orbs.


His use of location was interesting because he did not use typical locations at Eastern Mennonite University that you may find in student artwork. He found locations that would complement his masterpieces. Joaquin’s artwork using circular panoramic photos was a beautiful way to show his surroundings through a unique lens. He too chose to photograph architecture that was engaging and interesting.

Manhattan Bridge Park by Joaquin

Shandell used Athletes to portray a message that was very bold.  She incorporated athletes and their sport.

Sophomore Angela Stolztfus was able to attend the opening, “The long exposure pictures were unlike other photos I have every seen.” Stoltzfus said. For people in and outside of this major, it was a great way to get people involved in looking and critiquing artwork. It allowed art to collide with a sense of peace.