Pop Culture Activity

In our Pop Culture and Mass Communication class as well as our Video Webb Apps class, we participated in an exercise. We started off by drawing five words from a pile of words on the table and then getting five strips of paper. Then, we came up with five sentences that had one word in each sentence. After that, we put the strips of paper in the middle and proceeded to choose five random strips of paper with someone else’s sentence on it. With the five random sentences, we then put them in our own order to make a poem that we liked. My four poems were:

SAM_6539 SAM_6535


I was surprised how well this activity came together it was interesting to see the results from people’s sentences. It was also interesting to see how everyone had different ways to interpret the poems. Poetry is a creative way to express oneself and can bring peace or relaxation depending on the person. It also a lovely form of art that can be overlooked and I am glad I was able to participate in this activity.