Student Profile


Rachel King is a sophomore here at Eastern Mennonite University. She is a biology major and is from West Unity, Ohio. She has always been into arts and crafts and find happiness through her artistic ability. “I like to do crafts, more so than paintings and drawings, I like to do concreet things with my hands,” King said. She has found ideas from sources such as Pinterest and other people. “I like to get inspiration from other peoples artwork in order to my ideas and then I get my own ideas and turn it into my own”  King said.










These are all crafts that Rachel has worked on that she uses as decor in her room or the for the hall that she lives on.

“Art is my relaxation mechanism if I am stressed or depressed. Even when I’m in a happy mood it’s a nice way for me to express my feelings and calm myself and bring myself back to a happier place if im upset.” King said