Bricks and Mortar

Jerry Holsopple is a professor at Eastern Mennonite University and has been blessed with musical abilities. He has written several songs, all of which are personal to him. The song, Bricks and Mortar is personally affected him because it is about his cousin. This song is talking about AIDs and the church and how this has impacted his life.

My Video Camera and Non-linear editing class at EMU broke up into groups and chose an artist to feature and to base it off of Tal Shamir’s production of “The Vermeers.” My group of three chose to go with music as our topic so we wanted a musical artist. Jerry was willing to help us and be our model, however, he emphasized that he really wanted the video to be about the song, not about him. While filming, we tried as hard as we could to focus on the words and the message he was conveying to the audience. The final product will be shown at Tal’s art showing here at EMU.