So Exactly What is Citizen Journalism?

No question about it! News forms are beginning to change significantly.  With

newspaper purchases declining, and the rise of social networks change doesn’t

surprise me. Out of all the new forms of news resources, I’m impressed most by

citizen journalism.  Citizen Journalism is exactly what it sounds like, everyday

people like you reporting news. The news can be something as small as a local high

school parade, or something as big as occupy protest.

The vast majority of Citizen Journalist uses the Internet to cover their news

stories. Streaming websites like Ustream allow Citizen Journalist to cover stories

live using their smartphone cameras.  Other resources for this news form include

blogs. Websites like WordPress make it easy to create a blog with a very

professional look.

The occupy movements have led to an increased interest in Citizen Journalism

around the world. Tim Pool, a citizen journalist, is a major contributor to this

rise of interest. Pool broadcasted 21 hours straight, using Ustream during the

raids on Occupy Wall Street. What makes tools like Ustream great for citizen

journalist is that viewers can respond live, and the citizen journalist can give

live feedback.

Tim Pool

Tim Pool

With more movements like Occupy happening throughout the world, citizen

journalism has great growth potential. The Arab Spring movement had a number of

citizen journalist reporting live coverage of uprisings through tweets. Skeptics

may question the creditability of this news resource. All streamer journalists

follow a code of ethics. This code of ethics includes nine principles, which are

vigilance, honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, respect, integrity,

accountability, and humility.

Citizen journalist can teach us that a person doesn’t need professional training to

broadcast news. Like Courtney Moses, a citizen journalist, a person simply needs a

smartphone, an Internet signal, and battery power.  Some people may want to cover

stories in a more sophisticated way. In that case you can be like Tim Pool and

create a drone. Pool’s nickname for the drone is the “Occucopter”. Regardless of

your preference, anyone can do it! Below is Tim Pool in action.