The Evolution of Twitter

twitterTwitter: along with other very well known social media sites is a world-wide known symbol. What makes a bird so known? It is the fact that there are millions of users. According to, there are 175 millions users today. People use twitter for many more reasons than just socializing. New Media News gives five ways that people use twitter:

1) Marketing and Communication

2) Microblogging

3) Business Networking

4) Breaking news and getting scoops

5) Streamlining your electronic inboxes

Personally, I have not yet personally set up a twitter account. After this class and learning that there are so many reasons for using this social media, I may be more inclined to update my tools. I have respect for people who keep up with twitter because they are constantly saying what is on their minds. However, when people use it for meaningless posts.

In comparison, there are also tons of reasons that one could use twitter for extreme reasons. International Business Times proves this point with having five stories where twitter actually saved people’s lives. In April of this year, by using an update, a victim of a carjack in South Africa was saved. He got in his car when two men who were armed were in the back. Luckily, the victim had his phone and sent a message to his girlfriend and she immediately put “my boyufriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT” on twitter. The message began getting re-tweeted and eventually, more information was given out, “Hijacked car is now heading towards Kroonstad. Police are en route and tracing the active cell phone, read one tweet.” The police were soon on the case and the victim was safe.

Many instances such as this have happened and I believe it is a great reason to have media like this that is so accessible to anyone. Even though it is so useful, there is still the idea that anyone can publish anything and the credibility can go down. In our Video Web Apps class, our professor, Paulette Moore, gave us an example of re-tweets that were not true that have gotten out to the world which then caused destruction.

Like all things in this world, there are downfalls to twitter. It can be harmful as well as very helpful. Overall, twitter can be a fun way to socialize, interact with friends and family, and be updated constantly with people you care about.