Citizen Journalists


According to Wikipedia, citizen journalists are “based upon public citizens playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.”An example of a citizen journalists who was a guest speaker in our Video Webb Apps class with Paulette Moore  at Eastern Mennonite University is Courtney Moses aka: Courtney Kiss Me.

Courtney is a citizen journalist for Occupy Harrisonburg. During our class time, Courtney came in and showed us what it was like to Ustream. She had a huge battery pack with her and lots of equipment. One thing that I thought was interesting was that the only thing that was needed was a smart phone in order to video record.

Occupy Harrisonburg is one of a couple of these types of websites. For exapmple, OccupyFreedomLA is another citizen journalist website. The reason that so many people are into live streaming is because it is immediate access to events around the world.

Ustream is set up so that you can be recording an event and then you can have immediate access to posting it on the world wide web. It allows people to see live news. Many clips have been captured that are controversial, for example,

Citizen Journalism teaches us that anyone can broadcast news. The people who invest their time into this don’t get paid for doing this, they simply live stream because they enjoy it. After meeting a real citizen journalist, I now fully understand this concept and have a new understanding and respect for them.