Hurricane Sandy and Comfortably Smug’s fake Tweets


Because I do not personally have a twitter account, I had to hear about all of these fake tweets from other sources. Sources such as online and from my professor, Paulette Moore. I was able to get caught up thanks to other forms of social media and people who directly re-tweeted this tweet.

Thinking it would be funny to pull a prank on New York City and everyone else this post affected, @ComfortablySmug posted a tweet that wasn’t too bad in the beginning. After some time, CNN defined this tweet to be true and then problems began.

On, an article was written about this problem. According to this article, some of the posts by @ComfortablySmug were true and some were not. Unfortunately, because of his connections, a lot of the fake posts were retweeted.

Despite all of the fear @ComfortablySmug caused, he did redeem himself. An apology was sent out . 483 people retweeted this with him having over 6000 followers.

It is safe to say that @ComfortablySmug is now infamous on twitter. Though his apology seemed sincere, it was still a burden on everyone and caused a lot of fear during the Hurricane. I believe it is important for the government and important people such as CNN to get facts straight before making the facts true to the world.