The first impression I had of Reddit was, “Wow, I got a lot more hits on my blog post when I posted to Reddit!” Reddit is a form of social media that can encourage people to publish posts that interest them and then receive new forms of entertainment.

Before this Video Web Apps class with Paulette Moore at Eastern Mennonite University, I had never heard of Reddit before. There are a lot of categories that Reddit users (redditor) can chose from for either their own posts or to look at posts they are interested in.

Personally, my favorite category is the photography category. Now that I occasionally search Reddit, I like to look at the pictures. There’s a mixture of silly photos and then definitely serious photographs.

The top Reddit post today seemed like a little peek into the future. Unfortunately, the title had a word that did not used to be used in everyday communication and now it is used regularly. The title was “I fucked this up, didn’t I?” And it had over 3893 views in three hours.

The two posts I posted were both for Pax Bellissima which were The Peace at Hand and  The Gender Roles Wordle activity. I thought these two categories would be interesting to users for different reasons.