Agent of Transformation: part 2 “Art as a Verb”

The Arts can be a great tool for healing. Drawing takes us back to our childhood. It allows us to express ourselves freely and dig deep in the different layers of our memories… Continue reading

Agent of Transformation: part 1

I am an agent of change. Being a woman who is so passionate about peacebuilding, that is at least the picture I like to paint of myself. But in the Peacebuilding field, I… Continue reading

Graduate Students Reflect on Peacebuilding Activity

If you followed us last week, you may have seen a video that we made about a peacebuilding activity that we had participated in while attending the CJP class called “Arts and Peacebuilding.”… Continue reading

Quotes from Lisa

Lisa Schirch, from the small town of Bluffton, Ohio, is the director at 3P Human Security in Washington D.C. Currently on a sabbatical at EMU‘s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Lisa is working… Continue reading


A tattoo can be a magnificent way to share a message with someone. Cara Paden thought a lot about getting a tattoo and finally decided to get one. She has always loved music… Continue reading

Artist Profile

Hannah Stoltzfus is a sophomore here at EMU from Harrisonburg, VA. She is undeclared but is currently taking Foundations of Design. Her most recent piece of artwork has been an exercise with paper… Continue reading

Grandmother Willow Has an Announcement

Well, now you’ve heard it yourself. Lisa Schirch will be presenting her exhibit “Pax Bellissima” on November 3, 2012 in Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery in the University Commons. This exhibit includes pottery, paintings,… Continue reading

International Day of the Girl Child

Last year the United Nations established the International Day of the Girl Child. Today was the first time it has been celebrated and observed. The UN says it was put in place to… Continue reading

Peace In Painting

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to be around Lisa Schirch as she painted. She invited me to her beautiful home where she sits on her back porch and paints. I was struck… Continue reading

Arts and Peacebuilding Activity Demo

This week, Emma and I attended the arts and peacebuilding class that is offered with the┬áCenter for Justice and Peacebuilding. While there, I participated in an activity in which we used conflicts in… Continue reading