Crime brings community together

With a total population of 50,000 people total in Harrisonburg, Virginia, there are not many Muslims. The total population number drops to 25,000 when students from local universities go home for the summer.… Continue reading

Social Networks, Social Movements.

So what if The Civil Rights Movement had access to social networks?  Would “I have a dream” trend on twitter the day Dr. King gave his speech? How many lives could have been… Continue reading

@ComfortablySmug, the boy who cried wolf.

Hurricane Sandy did its share of damage to major cities across the east coast, but New York City was affected in a more sever way that affected mass amounts of the city’s population. … Continue reading

What’s your favorite type of art?

My answer to this poll is photography. I am a photography major at Eastern Mennonite University and when I find myself to be stressed, I will go out and take pictures because it… Continue reading

Expect Us

Until 2003, the word “Anonymous” was only defined as something or somebody that was nameless. In 2003, a group named Anonymous started in an imageboard named 4chan. When a non-user posts something, the… Continue reading

Bricks and Mortar

Jerry Holsopple is a professor at Eastern Mennonite University and has been blessed with musical abilities. He has written several songs, all of which are personal to him. The song, Bricks and Mortar… Continue reading

Student Profile

Rachel King is a sophomore here at Eastern Mennonite University. She is a biology major and is from West Unity, Ohio. She has always been into arts and crafts and find happiness through… Continue reading

Pop Culture Activity

In our Pop Culture and Mass Communication class as well as our Video Webb Apps class, we participated in an exercise. We started off by drawing five words from a pile of words… Continue reading


The Senior Art Show by Cody Troyer, Shandell Taylor, and Joaquin Sosa on Saturday, December 21, 2012 had an excellent turnout. The atmosphere of the place was lively and the artists were present… Continue reading

Ai Weiwei’s Art as Healing

     Ai Weiwei, an activist in China analyzed a couple of situations where the idea is so foreign to our society here in America that it is difficult to relate to personally.… Continue reading