Creative Sharing?

Creative Commons. It’s something you hear a lot, but what is it exactly? According to Creative, it “develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.”… Continue reading

Reddit and Forget it

To be honest, it was really tough writing a post on reddit. Every time I got on the site to check things out I would catch myself checking out ten links before I… Continue reading

140 Characters #abouttwitter

Twitter: a social networking tool that, for most of us, seemed to have come out of thin air. Some see it as a useful networking tool, some use it to connect with friends,… Continue reading

Pax Bellissima’s 15-day challenge

We have a challenge for you! For the next 15 days we are challenging you to create peace in someone’s life other than yourself. Here is my example guide to help get you… Continue reading

Not So Smooth @ComfortablySmug

During this past November’s Hurricane Sandy, a twitter prankster, @ComfortablySmug, is now known to have posted false tweets about the goings on in New York City. He reported things such as the New… Continue reading

Arab Spring Tweeting

First of all, before we can even talk about Twitter and Arab Spring, we need to make sure we all understand what Arab Spring actually is. If you’re like me, before recently you… Continue reading

Creative Commons: A Shared Culture

In today’s ever-changing internet-based world, it has become necessary for rules and regulations to be applied to the copyright of individuals’ creative works. This protects artists and creators from not getting credit for… Continue reading

False Tweets About Lady Sandy Herself

So, I’m sure everyone knows about Hurricane Sandy and her effects on NYC, but how many of you heard about the false tweets from Twitter user Comfortably Smug? Comfortably Smug—aka Shashank Tripathi—works in… Continue reading

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Twitter: “The fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about.” I used to think Twitter was just some stupid social app trying to replace Facebook, then I actually got on… Continue reading

Hacktivism Anonymous

“Greetings [insert people being hacked] we are Anonymous. We are a force to be reckoned with. Anonymous has a goal that needs to be achieved. Nothing will stop us from achieving this certain… Continue reading