You’re invited to check out Pax Bellissima!

Don’t forget about come see Lisa Schirch’s gallery Pax Bellissima in Hartzler Gallery next weekend, on Saturday November 3. Show up at 4:00 to hear Lisa’s artist talk and see what the Art and… Continue reading

Bethany’s Top Ten Post Ideas

Seeing as we’re about halfway through the semester, we thought it would be nice to brainstorm a few ideas for future posts. Also, we’d like giving our regular viewers a little sneak peak… Continue reading

Peacebuilding as Awakening to the Consciousness Embedded in Nature: Art as a Practice of Embodiment

The title of this blog reflection, “Peacebuilding as Awakening to the Consciousness Embedded in Nature,” is a manifesto to a reality that we often forget; we live in a universe where everything, every being, is… Continue reading

What is Pax Bellissima? part 4: Art as Metaphor

Building peace is a lot like throwing a pot. Wet clay is very fragile. The smallest wrong move can cause the clay to fling out all over the room. And then you have… Continue reading

What is Pax Bellissima? part 3: Art as Creation

In peacebuilding, we think about designing and creating communities and countries that work. Peacebuilding is an act of creation. A functioning community is a beautiful thing. Like peacebuilding, art is an act of… Continue reading

What is Pax Bellissima? part 2: Art as Healing

During the summer of 2012, I travelled to Italy with my extended family for a reunion. When I was young, my father worked in Italy and I had many opportunities for extended stays… Continue reading

CJP Project experience

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a graduate activity for the Center for Justice and Peace Building students. My experience there was very different than anything I had participated in.… Continue reading

Agent of Transformation: part 4 “Arts and Media as an embodiment of the true self”

One will not argue that writing is also an art. For as longs as I can remember, writing has been the only way I could ever express my feelings. Even during a conversation,… Continue reading

Agent of Transformation: part 3 “Transforming the world through social Media”

Grab a camera and take a picture of anything that inspires you. Media can transform society, especially when one thinks about social media: twitter and Facebook among others have taken the world by… Continue reading